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Now with an easy-drip dispenser cap.
Each bottle contains genuine gemstones in a formula of oils that are compatible with the qualities of the stones. Our label lists the magical, traditional and chakra associations. Our formulae and property listings are based on traditional and time-honored associations. No guarantee of results is implied.

1/2 fl. oz.

Please note: bottle may not seal properly if the dispensing insert is removed after purchase. Please request "Traditional Caps" through the comments box at checkout if you do not want the dispensing insert.

  • Amethyst In oils of Sandalwood and Lotus. Crown chakra, Spirituality, Love, Psychic Awareness, Healing
  • Aventurine In oils of Peppermint and Peach. Good Luck, Money, Mental Powers, Success at Games of Chance
  • Bloodstone In oils of Carnation, Gardenia and Rose. Heart Chakra, Love, Healing, Courage, Strength
  • Carnelian In oils of Lily and Musk. Sexual Chakra, Sexual Energy, Creativity, Eloquence, Protection
  • Citrine In oils of Orange and Peach. Solar Plexus Chakra, Balancing, Psychic Awareness, Healing
  • Clear Quartz In oils of Rose and Sandalwood. Brow Chakra, Inspiration, Visualization, Spirituality, Power
  • Hematite In oils of Amber and Vanilla. Grounding, Practicality, Materialistic Concerns, Divination
  • Lapis Lazuli In oils of Lilac and Almond. Throat Chakra, Expression, Communication, Soothing, Love, Peace
  • Moonstone In oils of Coconut and Hyacinth. Love, Divination, Psychism, Sleep Protection, Moon Goddesses
  • Red Jasper In oils of Honeysuckle and Magnolia. Root Chakra, Focus, Stability, Positivity, Mental Processes, Grace
  • Rose Quartz In oils of Rose and Hyacinth. Heart Chakra, Love, Happiness
  • Tiger's Eye In oils of Heliotrope and Sandalwood. Money, Protection, Courage, Divination, Good Luck

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