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Herbal Blends

Now with an easy-drip dispenser cap.
Herbal Blends are blended essential and fragrance oils with dried herbs for extra vibrational and visual enhancement. Our formulae and property listings are based on traditional and time-honored associations. No guarantee of results is implied.

1/2 fl. oz.

Please note: bottle may not seal properly if the dispensing insert is removed after purchase. Please request "Traditional Caps" through the comments box at checkout if you do not want the dispensing insert.

  • Almond Musk Musk and almond with sliced almond
  • Almond Sandelo Sandalwood and almond with sliced almond
  • Coco Rose Coconut and rose with red rose petals
  • Honey Rose Honeysuckle and rose with red rose petals
  • Jasmine Rose Jasmine and rose with jasmine blossoms
  • Lavender Bouquet Gardenia and lavender with lavender buds
  • Lotus & Tulip Tulip and lotus with lotus root
  • Patchouly Musk Patchouly and musk with patchouly leaf
  • Spicy Musk Musk and cinnamon with cinnamon bark
  • Sweet Patchouly Patchouly and vanilla with patchouly leaf
  • Tropical Jasmine Jasmine and orange with jasmine blossoms
  • Vanilla Orange Vanilla and orange with orange peel

$7.95 each

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